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We believe that by being your recruitment partner and working very closely on site with you we can better understand the dynamics of the business and look for the right people. We charge a competitive price but are not a CV Post Box; we very actively work alongside you. The process works as follows: 

  1. We ask the client dealer to send us a brief on what the job role is exactly and the pay plan on offer.
  2. We would canvass our database to find candidates who fit the brief - our database stands at over 17,000 people across the UK.
  3. We will also advertise the role on all the major job boards. For Sales Executive roles we have been very successful at recruiting people from outside the Motor Trade who have other transferable sales skills.
  4. One of our team of consultants will call the candidates to conduct a telephone interview and then they will only book those who are appropriate to attend our "recruitment selection day".
  5. On the day, we will conduct a psychometric profile test and get the candidates to do a job specific test. We then conduct a shortlisting interview against the client's brief. 
  6. Candidates who pass the shortlisting interview should be briefly "second faced" by a manager.
  7. We will review all candidates with you and invite back the appropriate people to meet you for a more formal interview. 
  8. You conduct the final interviews in the normal way.
  9. Once you have made your selection we will negotiate pay plans and start dates. 
  10. You only pay our invoice once the candidate has started.

Video/Skype Process

We offer the opportunity for clients to see and hear a shortlist interview with selected candidates.


This has hugely enhanced the ability to judge whether or not the candidate is a fit with your business and staff culture before committing time and resource to detailed interviewing.


The service is free of charge subject only to our T's and C's and is the modern way to shortlist people at any location - all you need is a web connection.


Please complete the form giving us your contact details and a basic idea of what your recruitment needs are. One of our consultants will then call you for a more in depth discussion.

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